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Ullapool Bike Hire - Cycling Activity

About 32 m / 51 Km from Durnamuck.

For more information, visit: Hire a bike - Ullapool Bike Hire


For more information about cycling and mountain biking routes visit:

The abandoned village of Slaggan. The remains of the old village of Slaggan can be found along this beautiful route. The route itself is about 3 m / 4.8 km long, and crosses the countryside between Slaggan and a nearby beach. You can park up right at the start of the route, between the 

villages of Laide and Mellon Udrigle. It is also worth noting that the Laide - Udrigle road itself is worth a bike ride, and there is a beautiful beach

at Mellon Udrigle! About 14 m / 22 Km from Durnamuck.


Gairloch to Rua Reidh. This 12 m / 19 Km route is relatively flat, though it features a few hills. Fantastic views over the coast most of the way to Skye, Harris and Lewis.

About 26 m / 42 Km from Durnamuck.


Kinlochewe Heights. At about 12 m / 19 Km long, this route takes you to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country behind "Slioch", one of the 3000ft + mountains of Wester Ross. The ride starts in Kinlochewe, at the car park next to the track to Slioch. Via the swing gate here, turn right after the car park, you go down this road. After a few miles, continue to follow a hiking trail on the left, around the top of the trail, and back down Glen Bianasdail, Slioch on your right. We advice you to take Ordnance Survey Map 19 along. About 46 m / 74 Km from Durnamuck.

Mountain Bike
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